M&A and Strategy

  • Identification and assessment of acquisition targets, potential acquirers (buy-side), sale to third parties (sell-side), or any other partnership alternatives (mergers and/or joint ventures).
  • Strategy evaluation to improve the value of divestments and carve-outs for corporate and private equity clients.
  • Valuation, both of companies and assets.
  • Due diligence process management and advice.
  • Corporate strategy definition and implementation, offering strategic direction and business plan development and analysis.
  • Issuance of fairness opinions.


  • Portfolio acquisitions, including analysis and valuation of collaterals.
  • Purchase in secondary markets.
  • Refinancing and capital structure optimization.
  • Funding (direct lending, mezzanine, short and long-term financial debt, private placements, etc.).
  • Financing in leveraged operations (LBOs, MBOs, etc.).


  • Identification of client-specific capital needs.
  • Selection of optimal providers of capital from multiple potential sources.
  • Capital funding to replace shareholders, development of new projects or investments, and acquisitions.

Operations log


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